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 just fyi...

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PostSubject: just fyi...   just fyi... I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 18, 2011 2:55 pm

As some of you may have noticed (or may not have noticed, or may have noticed and not thought anything of it) I have not been too active in these forums over the last several, say, what, months? year by now? anyway.

At this point I have some vague impressions as to what's going on (I talked with Whilaroo the other day and he attempted to bring me up to speed, but it didn't help too much...) but I have been fairly busy with college and have had no extra time to help plan any sorts of video games or anything like that.

I should have a bit extra free time over the summer, and if you guys are starting to get to a spot where you're actually looking to start putting together some code I will help out in any way possible. However coding is really the only thing that I'll probably be good for. Toryn feel free to contact me via facebook once you finally decide on a language/platform to use and I will be happy to help you guys build your game.

My main point is, I haven't really been checking these forums much over the past several months, and I likely won't check them much over the next several months as well, so if you guys are ready to start getting something cooking you'll have to contact me via facebook/email/in person (O_O) and let me know.
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just fyi...
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