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 On Python and Text Adventures

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On Python and Text Adventures Empty
PostSubject: On Python and Text Adventures   On Python and Text Adventures I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 17, 2011 2:57 pm

I've been dead on this forum for awhile, if that wasn't obvious enough. Don't really have any big excuses..just work, school, gaming, A Game of Thrones books, and that one particular female.

In any case, I've been really looking for a way to slip into programming. I tried XNA, but it was too much for my no-programming-knowledge-whatsoever-self, and since have pretty much had to give up(the fact that it's not mutli-platform[meaning pc/mac/linux] compatible is a tad limiting in scope, as well). I still want to get into programming though, so I've found what seems to be the default 'Beginner' language: Python. From everything I've read, mixing the learning of game design, game programming, and basic programming, all at the same time for a newbie, is a no-no. And so, I'm trying to learn programming itself, before moving on to something a little more complex. That being text adventures. I'm trying to take baby steps here.

I really don't know what will become of IUNE itself at the moment, it's still something I would love to pursue, but the scope we had set for it was really waaayyy too high for my current ability(although I'm sure both of you, Whil and CnP, were capable of doing your parts in narrative and graphics, respectively).

Moving forward, I would still love to collaborate on free games for the interwebs with you guys, but I'm going to need, eh, maybe a year or so, before I'll feel comfortable taking on a real full game project. In the mean time, I'll keep making Design Docs, which speaking of, I still need to post my one for Marianas Trench. But work and school calls, and I must be off for now.
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On Python and Text Adventures
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