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 RS [Random Scenes]

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PostSubject: RS [Random Scenes]   Fri Jul 09, 2010 9:21 am

Here's the topic where you publish random scenes which happen in the Pangean universe. Just a few things I should list here;
-The scenes may be complete chapters or just merely a paragraph long
-The scenes will obviously show a trope of SCIENCE MARCHES ON, in other words, as we go on, we'll have new ideas established and others ridden of, so it'll be quite illogical if we use them all at once.
-Used or not used, we shouldn't really care. This just may be for fun, just for the lulz, or for trying to get ideas of possible scenarios.
-Anything can be posted here, as long as it's a piece of writing, whatever the quality is.

I'll update with a few scenes which were in my mind since long afterwards. You may do the same.
REMEMBER: There is nothing here which says YEAH WE'LL USE IT. So you can't use 'durr hurr but I wrote a scene here which said derp' as an argument, okay? ._.

Example of format:
Title, Place, Time, Characters: (optional)
Story here. (not optional trolololol)
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PostSubject: Re: RS [Random Scenes]   Fri Jul 09, 2010 9:46 am

He swiftly whipped around, his billowing rags flowing behind his form as he slowly took the next steps. Steel grinding against blunt crimson stone, each crunch of his feet against the ground marked another level of determination in his mind. He stared onwards, the forest beholding him in a sinister greeting. The trees seemed to lurk towards him, trying to grab him with their vines although he was still several meters away.
“Stop right there,” someone called from behind him.
He stopped in his stride, and the wind halted as well. No sound emerged from his lips. The next words to erupt from the girl's thin throat was layered with a sheet of anger and sorrow. She gripped the gun tightly in her clumsy hand as the man turned his head around, still hidden within the shadows of his ghastly, dirtied hood.
“You're still here...” he muttered.
“I've been following you for the past three days,” the girl answered, flicking a blond streak from her face.
“I told you to-”
“I'm not going to leave you, you idiot,” she snapped, clenching her teeth. “Whether you like it or not, I'm following you. Can't you see it? I'm trying to make you believe that there is still some good in this world... It's not just the will of God, which has led you to what you are now. You've made your own choices, and that's... That's what makes you, you. You're the Gillian I knew since Magna. You're not the destroyer you claim to be.”
“Then why do you point a gun at me?” hissed he, orange eyes narrowing in the dark of his hood.
“Because I'm trying to get you back, Gillian, “the girl yelled desperately, her hands shaking, “I'm trying to get you back! You venture into the Anomaly Zone, you won't come back... I know it.”
“Someone needs to purge the filth inside.”
“Ozgiliath is dying, Gillian,” the girl shrieked, “he won't last two hours inside that forest... He won't... It's over.”
“Nothing's over, Sarah,” he growled, “as long as he is alive, Magna, Omega, Alpha, and the rest of Pangea is in danger... I'm the only one who can eradicate this being.”
“He's your brother!” she yelled.
“Don't you dare say that, Sarah!” he howled, “The treacherous creature which lies within this forest is not my brother! He is merely a virus, a corruption, a disease which needs to be dealt with as fast as possible!”
Sarah pointed the gun at Gillian's frame. Lifting both of her hands, she clenched onto its handle as tight as possible. “I'm not going to let you take another step, Gillian... I'm not going to let you... I want you to stay the human you are...”
In less than a whisper's silence, Gillian's form shifted to Sarah's, shoving its elbow in her gut. She dropped to the ground, letting go of the gun. Gillian knelt down and clenched the firearm, before standing back up. Sarah's eyes widened as he took the cannon to the side of his head.
Twelve blows shot from the pistole. Each gut-wrenching strike pierced Sarah's eardrums. Smoke rose from the gun, and from the multiple impact points on Gillian's head. He whipped his head sideways, then into an arc, leaving the remains of the bullets fall down onto the ground. Small clicking noises echoed through Sarah's ears as the bullets fell. She looked up from the bullets, staring at Gillian.
“DO YOU THINK THIS IS HUMAN?!” he yelled, his eyes widening. It was hardly disputable whether or not Gillian was correct. Twelve dark points had appeared on the side of his forehead, where a thick layer of copper metal took the place of where the bone should've been. “DO YOU?!” Gillian clenched his hand and crushed the firearm in his fingers, leaving only unidentifiable pieces of scrap metal. He dropped the rests in front of Sarah, before turning around and walking away. “I won't deceive you, Sarah... I shall return... I promise.”
And with that, he strode onwards, leaving the girl to weep, fists clenched, in the sand and grass. Blond hair fell over her face in a curtain of humiliation as her whole body tensed.
“You never kept your promises, Gillian...” she whimpered to herself.
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PostSubject: Re: RS [Random Scenes]   Fri Jul 09, 2010 3:29 pm

The ride had been rough, and hard, but he had not dropped her once. She could feel his chest heaving, through her clammy skin. It was so close. His single pneumatic lung expanding and retracting industrially alongside the organic one. Yet, on the outside, all that could be detected was the constant intake and expelling of breath. She could tell that he was run ragged, run down, but he wouldn't give up, wouldn't just give in. Travelling thus in his arms had been painful, it was true, and she hated to see him straining so, even if it was over her own welfare, but at the same time she would not have traded the experience for anything. Delirious as she was with pain, she was home.

He came to the main door of the inn, which lead through the public house before it came to the rooms. Both hands occupied with his unique cargo, the young man turned, allowing his mechanical arm to collide with the door, but instead of breaking it open or shattering it, it merely turned the knob gently and swung the solid wood frame open enough for him to move without breaking his stride. It was no longer strange to him, the feeling of the parts quickly shifting in position and function, even shape, to accommodate his will. So simple a thing was it that he put no more thought into it than lifting his still organic arm. The only trick was not hitting her head as he slipped through into the warm light of oil lamps burning about the interior of the pub.

The place was somewhat lively, and more than one eye was turned towards the strange scene. A priest of the holy order, his robes tattered and ragged, revealing the full glory of his baptized body, mechanized parts of his right body shining through with the glimmer of copper shine through the wear that the outer shell pieces had seen. Carried in his arms, a young female acolyte, pale almost to the point of appearing corpse-like, and in a state of complete disarray. But the spectacle did not remain for more than a second, as the young man surely and swiftly carried his charge up the stairs to the second floor.

The door to his own room was closed, but once again, his body shifted to allow him passage within, this time performing a complex movement in order to work it's way through the complex lock which he had commissioned from an old locksmith that he had met in the service of god's will. Inside, his meager possessions decorated the room, and his simple, though comfortable bed lay waiting. With more delicacy than he appeared capable of, he slowly lowered her to the covers.

The fever threatened to steal her away, but she didn't want to go. The world was starting to lose definition, and as the color began to fade, she saw Daniel's form rush out to the door which still hung wide open. As he rushed, he grabbed the frame, and she could see his arm as it extended slightly to catch him from falling. "Esmeralda!" his voice pounded through her skull painfully, "Esme! Come quickly!" He turned to face her, the worry in his eyes made her want to cry, but although she could feel the wetness in her eyes, it would not condense into tears. In the end, it only made everything blurry. She could feel her own breaths growing shallow. "Damn it! No, stay with me," her eyes had shut for just a moment, but now he was at her side, looking down at her, "Esme will be here soon, just-be able to-th me." Blackness grabbed again and again, and then, she wasn't able to fight it anymore.

"Nooo," Daniel growled the word out through clenched teeth. He stood jerkily and ran towards the hall again. "Esme-" he was calling out as he very nearly collided with the woman who was rushing with all haste to the room. He skidded to a halt and she retracted back to miss him. Both breathed deeply at the close call. "What is it?" she gasped out, the care written all over her fatty face. how that face brought such comfort. She glanced around him and in a moment she had nimbly scooted around the young man to the bedside, moving with a grace that completely denied her weight. As she swept past, Daniel could smell on her the alcohol and the smoke of the pub below, but even more prevalent was the sent of herbs to which he was so accustomed from the woman who so reminded him of the countryside Gypsies who threw the most fabulous parties with their travelling circus. She knelt by the bed and the priest stepped forward. Esmeralda was making a rapid evaluation of the young woman on the bed. "She's the Eirhein Fever," the old woman's face was had changed from worry to gravity and her body had all gone ridged, "How did she come about this?" Daniel could hardly keep himself from shaking, with rage, with fear. "They sent her out without my knowledge... Damn them!" Esmeralda made a hand sign meant to ward off such terrible curses. He checked his tongue. "She was caught in an ambush. The whole group of them were. A bomb that had been loaded with pollen from an Ibiscus and god only knows what else," his voice had grown terribly quiet, "They tried putting her in the Saint DeAbolas, but I found her and brought her here." The old woman nodded, "You did well. She wouldn't have lived the night out in that hospital. I'll prepare a remedy, and then fetch Mr. Simmons." Daniel was nearly jumping out of his skin, for all his composure. "And I!?" his voice denoted his anguish. "Pray," she put her hand on his shoulder, "Pray."
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PostSubject: Re: RS [Random Scenes]   Sat Jul 10, 2010 9:23 pm

Go ahead and post the Random Scenes as new topics in this section, it'll make it so you can continue them later if you want, without having any other peoples RS' interrupting them.
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PostSubject: Re: RS [Random Scenes]   

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RS [Random Scenes]
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