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 If There Are 1000 Steps Between God And I, He'll Just Have To Do The First Step; I'll Make The 999 Others.

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If There Are 1000 Steps Between God And I, He'll Just Have To Do The First Step; I'll Make The 999 Others. Empty
PostSubject: If There Are 1000 Steps Between God And I, He'll Just Have To Do The First Step; I'll Make The 999 Others.   If There Are 1000 Steps Between God And I, He'll Just Have To Do The First Step; I'll Make The 999 Others. I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 18, 2010 8:25 am

He swiftly whipped around, his billowing rags flowing behind his form as he slowly took the next steps. Steel grinding against blunt crimson stone, each crunch of his feet against the ground marked another level of determination in his mind. He stared onwards, the forest beholding him in a sinister greeting. The trees seemed to lurk towards him, trying to grab him with their vines although he was still several meters away.
“Stop right there,” someone called from behind him.
He stopped in his stride, and the wind halted as well. No sound emerged from his lips. The next words to erupt from the girl's thin throat was layered with a sheet of anger and sorrow. She gripped the gun tightly in her clumsy hand as the man turned his head around, still hidden within the shadows of his ghastly, dirtied hood.
“You're still here...” he muttered.
“I've been following you for the past three days,” the girl answered, flicking a blond streak from her face.
“I told you to-”
“I'm not going to leave you, you idiot,” she snapped, clenching her teeth. “Whether you like it or not, I'm following you. Can't you see it? I'm trying to make you believe that there is still some good in this world... It's not just the will of God, which has led you to what you are now. You've made your own choices, and that's... That's what makes you, you. You're the Gillian I knew since Magna. You're not the destroyer you claim to be.”
“Then why do you point a gun at me?” hissed he, orange eyes narrowing in the dark of his hood.
“Because I'm trying to get you back, Gillian, “the girl yelled desperately, her hands shaking, “I'm trying to get you back! You venture into the Anomaly Zone, you won't come back... I know it.”
“Someone needs to purge the filth inside.”
“Ozgiliath is dying, Gillian,” the girl shrieked, “he won't last two hours inside that forest... He won't... It's over.”
“Nothing's over, Sarah,” he growled, “as long as he is alive, Magna, Omega, Alpha, and the rest of Pangea is in danger... I'm the only one who can eradicate this being.”
“He's your brother!” she yelled.
“Don't you dare say that, Sarah!” he howled, “The treacherous creature which lies within this forest is not my brother! He is merely a virus, a corruption, a disease which needs to be dealt with as fast as possible!”
Sarah pointed the gun at Gillian's frame. Lifting both of her hands, she clenched onto its handle as tight as possible. “I'm not going to let you take another step, Gillian... I'm not going to let you... I want you to stay the human you are...”
In less than a whisper's silence, Gillian's form shifted to Sarah's, shoving its elbow in her gut. She dropped to the ground, letting go of the gun. Gillian knelt down and clenched the firearm, before standing back up. Sarah's eyes widened as he took the cannon to the side of his head.
Twelve blows shot from the pistole. Each gut-wrenching strike pierced Sarah's eardrums. Smoke rose from the gun, and from the multiple impact points on Gillian's head. He whipped his head sideways, then into an arc, leaving the remains of the bullets fall down onto the ground. Small clicking noises echoed through Sarah's ears as the bullets fell. She looked up from the bullets, staring at Gillian.
“DO YOU THINK THIS IS HUMAN?!” he yelled, his eyes widening. It was hardly disputable whether or not Gillian was correct. Twelve dark points had appeared on the side of his forehead, where a thick layer of copper metal took the place of where the bone should've been. “DO YOU?!” Gillian clenched his hand and crushed the firearm in his fingers, leaving only unidentifiable pieces of scrap metal. He dropped the rests in front of Sarah, before turning around and walking away. “I won't deceive you, Sarah... I shall return... I promise.”
And with that, he strode onwards, leaving the girl to weep, fists clenched, in the sand and grass. Blond hair fell over her face in a curtain of humiliation as her whole body tensed.
“You never kept your promises, Gillian...” she whimpered to herself.
Each step which brought Gillian deeper into the forest also brought him a newly found level of hatred for the one he called brother. The exotic plants and bizarre creatures which all inhabited the Anomaly Zone were only an ornament compared to the eerie sensation the whole place emanated. Each step was another ton for Gillian to pull.
But he was determined. His eyes didn't leave the path of chaos Ozgiliath had left. Gillian wondered how such a feeble body could provoke such carnage, especially if it was dying. Had Ozgiliath also found out the secret to the power of instant regeneration?
Gillian hoped that Ozgiliath hadn't become too powerful. Even though he knew Ozgiliath was weakened by the feeling of his own family, or what was left of it, was turning against him, Gillian didn't know if it was enough to tame the insatiable beast which lived inside Ozgiliath's mind. He couldn't let Ozgiliath live. Not after what he had already done. Not when Gillian knew what he could do in the near future.
He could feel the essence of corruption seep into his body, mildly mixed with the mana which was naturally suspended in the air. This melange hurt him greatly, tiring him out. His cybernetic body wasn't used to such complicated elements.
Gillian lifted his golden eyes from the trail. He set them on the old, weakened figure which stood limp against a large tree root. Ozgiliath's frail chest expanded and contracted to the rhythm of his tired breaths.
"You're finished, Ozgiliath!" Gillian croaked as loudly as he could.
"...Gillian..." he murmured back, lowering his head.
"You're dying," Gillian coughed, "I'll abridge your suffering..."
"Gillian." Ozgiliath rasped, "Do you not see it?"
Gillian's eyes narrowed. Multiple roots from the tree were planted into Ozgiliath's shoulder blades. They pumped regularly, as if they were his own beating heart. Gillian gasped, his heart struck.
"Ozgiliath... Don't tell me..."
"I've been going here long before this, brother," he hissed, turning fully around. He had regained energy Gillian had not perceived at first sight. "Using complex machinery and the forest, I'm able to use the energy and stay alive."
"Ozgiliath..." Gillian snarled, "You monster..."
"Monster?" he repeated, cackling. "You should look around yourself."
Gillian lifted his eyes and glanced at his surroundings. Everywhere he looked, dome-like plants lay. Roots also pumped mysterious sap into the spheres. Gillian could only guess what these were. "Ozgiliath, what have you done?! These are eggs!"
"Eggs indeed," he continued, "and just about to hatch."
Just as those words were spoken, large snaps came from all directions. Hands, covered in a viscous liquid, protruded from the shells, clasping desperately on the exterior side and breaking through. Whole bodies, to Gillian's eyes' dismay, erupted from the shells. Only a few seconds later did he notice the crude shape of the bodies. Not only these were mutated creatures, each having plants growing out of various places of their bodies, but there was a fact much more horrible.
They were all his bodies.
Staring at himself, dead in his eyes as they traipsed out of their solid placenta, Gillian's heart began to pound against his ribs. "Ozgiliath..."
"Gillian, look at it!" he yelled, "Look at the beauty! I have found the secret of Life, Gillian! Using many powers-"
"That's what those ten people were for, huh!?" Gillian shouted, "Their powers!? You used them to create these! These... Abominations! Ozgiliath, you are nothing more but a God of destruction!"
"I AM GOD!" Ozgiliath yelled, laughing hysterically, "I can create Life, and I can create Chaos! At my own will! The only ones who can say that, are Me and God! I, AM, GOD!"
"You're nothing but a murderer!" Gillian howled.
"A worm like you couldn't understand!" Ozgiliath snapped, lifting his arms> Roots and vines rose like snakes from the ground, each plunging into his body and pulling him against the trunk. His eyes shot open with white light. A shriek, which resembled nothing like Ozgiliath's voice, boomed from his lips.
"You are only worms, and I am your redeemer!"
In one last breath, Gillian amassed the most voice he could, his eyes bloodshot with rage. "I'll CRUSH you!"
Gillian huffed loudly, the last body falling to the ground. He never thought that Ozgiliath could've amassed such power, and create all this in such little time. Gillian lifted his eyes from the garden of corpses, to the man attached to the tree. He snarled back at him.
"How dare you destroy my beauties!" Ozgiliath shrieked. More eggs hatched, revealing more Gillian-like bodies, limping towards the original.
"Keep talking," Gillian groaned, "I'll take you all down."
Gillian breathed heavily. Hot steam poured out of his damaged machinery. He barely had any energy left. Corpses lay abundantly around Gillian's frame, each one having been burst through or torn apart in the cruelest of manners. Ozgiliath panted, back against the scorched tree trunk. His hands tried to clench on something to hold on for dear life, but his fingers found nothing. His bones protruded from his skin and flesh, revealing how abnormally fragile his body was in reality.
Gillian took one heavy step, one after the other. He felt as if he needed to pause at least an hour between each step, but he couldn't afford to waste any time whatsoever. As far as he was concerned, there were probably more eggs around, just waiting Ozgiliath's order. Ozgiliath pulled himself to the bark, his breathing becoming more erratic at each of Gillian's step.
Gillian stopped one step from Ozgiliath's body. His golden eyes glared right into his, scanning his pale skin and his terrified air.
"Gillian..." Ozgiliath baffled, trying to make his words through his deep breaths, "My brother-"
Gillian clenched his hand around his brother's flimsy neck, scowling at him with all the rage he could muster. His whole arm shook with the strength he needed to use to keep his hand clenched.
"Gillian!" Ozgiliath shrieked.
A smirk curled Gillian's lip as he cackled quietly. "Well," he whispered, "God, behind his shell, is only a worm like anyone else."
"No, Gilli-"
An intense bolt of electric coursed through Gillian's arm, scorching Ozgiliath's body. Crude black scars drove down his body, face and arms as the burn made itself obvious. Gillian let go, letting Ozgiliath fall to the ground in a heavy limp. He breathed heavily, his whole body wobbling on its feet.
Gillian toppled over backwards, falling on his back. He felt the essence enter the darkest depths of his body and consume him. "About time," he muttered... "I'm finally... Going... To..."
No other words left Gillian's lips. Nor will they ever come out, that is.
A few days later, Sarah organized a searching squad to find Gillian. They find his body, or at least, what is left of it. They bring it back to Magna, show it to Andrevvi who congratulates the outgoing civilian although he cannot listen. Three construction blocks create the seat on which Gillian is settled in, and then placed upon as a statue inside Magna.
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If There Are 1000 Steps Between God And I, He'll Just Have To Do The First Step; I'll Make The 999 Others.
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